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About us!

If the pregnancy doesn’t occur after one year of regular sexual life, despite of the desire of husband and wife — it’s the cause to consult the doctor. Our Medical Centre is headed  by M.D., professor Yuzko Oleksandr Mykhaylovych, the academician of Ukrainian Academy of Science, the President of Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine.



Consult firstly!

The first visit is standard for all future parents and consists of the consultation of gynecologist, urologist, passing of analyses, special examinations (ultrasonar diagnostics, colposcopy, hysteroscopy, spermogram et al.). The cause for the infertility of family couple, which can be conditioned by masculine, feminine factor or their coactions, is only determined by complex examination of both of parents. All the analyses are taken directly in our Medical Centre and their investigations are held in the best laboratories. The ready competent conclusions are to return from there. All necessary instrumental investigations and operation invasions are held directly in clinic. So, don’t worry about the competency of the diagnosis: qualified doctors will prescribe you the medication, necessary only for you.


Our embryologic laboratory is equipped by the best modern apparatus. This is the “heart” of the clinic of reproduction. The ovules and spermetazoides are investigated there.  The sperm is treated to enhance its fertility before using it in programs of auxiliary reproductive technologies.  If the sperm of specific male isn’t fertile, the specialists of clinic will chose the donor cells from the bank of sexual cells, present in clinics. Donors have special requirements, defined by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. They have to be young and absolutely healthy and they prepare to the donor programs. The frozen sexual cells serve in the deposit during many years and when necessary they are unfrozen. The procedure of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) provides the ovulation system, the puncture of ovary follicles by ultrasound control, the fertilization itself in the laboratory and the transportation of the embryo in the uterus. And then they pregnancy is expected.  If the effort isn’t fortunately, the embryos are unfrozen and transported to the uterus in next cycle, but without ovary stimulation. The doctors chose the optimal fertilization and preparatory program. If the spermatozoids are of bad quality, we perform program  of intracytoplasmic sperm injection ( ICSI)  which is injection of spermetazoid to the oocyte.  In the causes of the impossibility by the female to produce good oocytes, the clinics will provide them for its patients.


The operation block


Our Medical Centre is capable to do the modern less-invasive gynecological operations, such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, which can be made in diagnostic or treatment purposes. The operations are made by prof. O.M.Yuzko accompanied by qualified team of assistants, anaestesiologists and auxiliary personal.


Like home


After the end proceedings or operations, patients rest in comfortable and quiet chambers. There are 4 of them – single one, two double ones and a triple one. After IVF-procedure and hysteroscopy the patients go home the same day and the next day after laparoscopy.


The joy of the pregnancy
The course of the initiation of the pregnancy and its process in the first weeks are controlled by the doctors of the clinics. They will transfer you to the female consultation to control the further processing of the pregnancy. The clinic is capable to provide the professional USE in whatever term of pregnancy (by M.M. gynecologist Hodan Andriy Hryhorovych and Ph.D. assistant professor Rynzhuk Larysa Vasylivna). 


Future mothers and fathers!
Please do not wait!
Visit our Medical Centre in case you have troubles with infertility.


We wish you good reproductive health!

Medical Centre of Infertility Treatment
Boyarka str. 1a,
Chernivtsi, Ukraine
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19 march 2018

School of Women's Health

17-16.03.2018 school-seminar "Woman 18-35. Prevention and Treatment, Rehabilitation of Reproductive Health Violations" was held in Kyiv. Read more
26 february 2018

Congratulations on the birthday!

Among the children in mothers who were pregnant at the Medical Center, the first boy was Maximchik. In February, he was already one year old. We congratulate Maximchik on his birthday. To grow to us all to the joy of healthy, curious, cheerful and benevolent! Read more
12 february 2018

The work-shop of Edgar Kaminsky

02/10/2018 Doctors of the Medical Center Victoria Yuzko and Anatoly Andriyets took part in the work-shop of Edgar Kaminsky "Self made. Rules of success". Read more
30 january 2018

Exchange of experience with Polish colleagues

22-26.01.2018 the urologist of the Medical Center Konstantin Vladichenko was trained in Rzeszów (Poland). Read more
20 december 2017

MEETINGS OF PROFESSIONALS: ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology

15-16.12.2017 the workshop "MEETINGS OF PROFESSIONALS: ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology" was held in Kiev. Read more
30 november 2017

Pregnancy management discount -10%

Lovely women, you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a profitable offer from the Medical Center and get 10% discount by registering on the pregnancy management program from 01.12 to 31.12.2017. Read more
30 november 2017

Discount 25% for primary consultations

Get 25% discount from 01.12 to 31.12.2017 for primary consultations of specialists: gynecologist, reproductive specialist, urologist, mammologist. Read more
20 november 2017

Innovative technologies in obstetrics and gynecology: from science to practice

16-17.11.2017 the specialists of the Medical Centre prof. Alexander Yuzko, obstetrician-gynecologist Anatoly Andriets, obstetrician-gynecologist Victoria Yuzko and urologist Konstantin Vladychenko took part in the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Innovative technologies in obstetrics and gynecology: from science to practice". Read more


Ukraine, Chernivtsi
Trepko str. (Boiarka str.) 1a


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