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Egg donation is a procedure that presupposes the use of donor eggs for further fertilization and implantation into the uterus of a woman who wishes to become a mother. In order to obtain an embryo, donor eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the patient's partner. For women who are not able to find the joy of motherhood in any other way, donor eggs are an excellent opportunity to experience the miracle of childbirth on their own.


When does the necessary for egg donation arise?

The egg donation procedure is recommended for female infertility:

  • when the ovaries produce eggs of poor quality or do not produce them at all;
  • in case of premature onset of menopause in women;
  • in case of genetic diseases;
  • if there are several unsuccessful IVF procedures in the patient's history with low quality of the obtained embryos;
  • the age of a woman wishing to become a mother is over 40 years old.

In such cases, embryos obtained through the fertilization of donor eggs are transferred to the patient. For this purpose, both the sperm of the patient's partner and donor material can be used.

This artificial fertilization procedure is considered to be one of the most effective.

How does the egg donation program work?

To obtain eggs, the donor woman must undergo a course of ovarian stimulation. The female recipient, in turn, undergoes an endometrial preparation procedure for a successful embryo transfer.


Donor selection

One of the most important and crucial stages in the IVF procedure with donor eggs is the choice of a woman who will become a donor. Every woman who wants to become a donor must undergo a complete health examination.

Main criteria for women donors:

  • age from 20 to 30 years;
  • no bad habits;
  • having their own healthy children.

Women who meet these criteria get an "admission" to the second stage of donor selection - a thorough examination of the body. In particular, it is mandatory to check for syphilis, hepatitis C and B, STIs, HIV infection. The hormonal status of the woman is also checked. The suitability for donation is also evidenced by the conclusions made by a psychologist, geneticist and general practitioner.

Yuzko Medical Center cares about the anonymity of patients. A childless couple in need of donor eggs will in no way interact with the donor. And the donor woman, in turn, will not be able to find out who exactly her eggs are intended for. The only exception can be considered in those cases when relatives or acquaintances of the couple who have agreed to the assistance of in vitro fertilization program become egg donors.

Highly qualified doctors at Yuzko Medical Center understand how important it is for a married couple to receive an egg from a donor that looks like the mother of a future child. That is why there is a careful selection of candidate donors with similar phenotypic traits.

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Synchronization of menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient

The next important step in the egg donation procedure is the synchronization of menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient.

At this stage, the main task for doctors is to achieve the required level of endometrial maturity in a woman to whom embryos will be transferred. The success of the implantation procedure depends on degree of readiness of the endometrium. Our center offers a special scheme of hormonal drugs that promote endometrial maturation.

At each stage of treatment, doctors monitor the hormones level in the woman's blood, and also monitor the state of the endometrium and ovaries using ultrasound.

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Donor stimulation and egg collection

Egg donor stimulation

At the next stage the ovaries of the donor woman are stimulated. For one ovulation, you need to get not only one egg, as in most cases, but several at a time. For this purpose, drug therapy is used to promote hyperovulation. As a result, we get several healthy eggs, which are then ready for fertilization. The donor is under regular ultrasound monitoring, while a permanent hospital stay is not required.

Puncture of the donor's ovaries and egg collection

After the follicles reach the desired size, they are considered ready for fertilization. At this stage a puncture is performed - the follicles are punctured with a special needle and the contents are sucked off to obtain eggs.

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Fertilization of eggs with the sperm of the partner or donor

The sperm must also go through a series of preparatory procedures. It is essential that sperm samples are obtained on the same day as the donor eggs. A man must abstain from sexual relations for several days before the procedure.

The sperm is checked for the quality of the components under laboratory conditions, and the most suitable sperm will be used to fertilize donor eggs. Our patients have the opportunity to order sperm cryopreservation and use it after a woman donor has been found and prepared. If necessary, we also have cryopreserved sperm from verified donors.

To connect the eggs and sperm, the method of in vitro fertilization is used or the sperm is injected into the oocyte using microinjection.

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Cultivation of embryos and their transfer into the recipient's uterine cavity

If the fertilization procedure is successful, the resulting embryos will remain under the supervision of doctors in the laboratory for some time, and then the most important stage is expected - transfer into the recipient's uterus. In this case embryos with the best characteristics are selected. When it is better to carry out the transfer and how many embryos to use, the doctor decides individually, since the peculiarities of the couple's medical history are always taken into account.


Recipient luteal phase support

Having a positive pregnancy test, the recipient must undergo a course of extradiol and progesterone. These drugs should be taken up to 12-14 weeks to maintain pregnancy. At the end of the trearment course, the woman's body begins to produce the required amount of hormones itself.

Efficiency of the oocyte donation method


For some couples, oocyte donation is the only effective way to conceive and carry a long-awaited child. Donor eggs in practice show excellent results against infertility. Couples who have entered the IVF program using donor oocytes often experience some doubts, but all anxiety disappears when it comes to the understanding that a new life has arisen inside you. Since oocyte donors are young healthy women under the age of 35, IVF programs with donor oocytes are much more effective than classical IVF. Yuzko Medical Center offers reasonable prices for the egg donation service, so all couples who are tired of endless unsuccessful attempts to become parents can apply here.


Yuzko Medical Center is a leader in infertility treatment that uses innovative ART methods. When compared with other infertility treatment programs, donor eggs are the most effective method up to 75% effective. First of all, the high percentage of efficiency is explained by the fact that eggs from healthy donors with excellent implantation potential are used. 
The woman gets the most valuable thing9 months of pregnancy and independent childbirth. The feeling of a small life inside you in most cases pays for the fact that the mother's genes are missing in the baby. The long-awaited child is perceived by all family members as the most beloved and dear one.

Method efficiency
up to 75%
Work experience
since 1995

Egg donation program prices

Frequently asked Questions

What is the essence of the egg donation procedure (egg donation)? Who should pay attention to this service and what reproductive problems will it help to solve? How to choose the right woman among egg donors and what are the guarantees that the couple will eventually get a healthy child?

These are the most popular questions about egg donation and the answers can be found in this section.

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