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An interesting type of surgery. Accuracy, sophistication and aesthetics.

At @ yuzko.medical.center, we perform such operations.


Operations performed on hymen tissue: 

  • restoration of the integrity of the hymen:
  • short-term effect;
  • long lasting effect.

The technique of surgery depends on the need and desire of the patient.

It's worth remembering that not always such an operation is just a wish! Unfortunately, sometimes there are extremely unpleasant and scary life situations where the psychological understanding of virginity comes first.

And also, there are cases when there is a vital need to perform a back surgery - DEFLORATION. In other words, to destroy the integrity of the hymen. And yes, it is a vital necessity!

When is it necessary to perform defloration (destruction of the integrity of the hymen)?

Complete congenital overgrowth of the hymen: this condition, mainly diagnosed in girls 14-16 years, when the menstrual cycle has already begun, but there are no secretions, the girl periodically feels pain in the lower abdomen. The pain and discomfort is due to the fact that the menstrual discharge accumulates constantly in the vagina, with absolutely no exit. In this case, surgery should be performed to expose the lumen of the hymen.

In some cases the hymen tissue is extremely tight and strong! In such cases, the beginning of sexual life becomes absolutely impossible, or leads to intense pain and significant blood loss!

This is an inherent feature of hymen connective tissue!

In such cases, surgical incision or excision of the tissue of the hymen is performed in order to break its integrity and to allow the patient live a sexual life without pain and fear.

In fact, this situation has a very negative effect on the mental health of the girls and provokes them to think about their imperfection and inferiority.

Therefore, you should not sit and wait if there is a deviation from the norm.

See your doctor! Take care of yourself!

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